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The medical air transport service created by "Aercopter" meets the transfer requirements of patients suffering even from severe medical, surgical and traumatic conditions, by guaranteeing a fast, safe service and continuous medical assistance, on the ground as well as in-flight.

On board every aircraft, a specialised medical team is always present to provide all the necessary care to the transported patient.

Bed to Bed:
  With the "Bed to Bed" option, "Air Medical Transport" takes care of the patient from before boarding the aircraft.
Medical Escort:
  For patients who are well enough for commercial airlines (liners, charter flights) but, however, require medical assistance "on the ground" (at the airports) as well as "in-flight", "Air Medical Transport" supplies a "medical escort" service.
Services supplied by Air Medical Transport:
  - Hospital-to-hospital medical transfer flights
- In-flight medical escort
- Organ transportation
- Searching
- Evacuation in case of natural disasters

tel. +39 0545 900078

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